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Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense, Our Cage Code Number is available by requestEven if you don't have any tactical training whatsoever, the core power techniques of The Guardian System are so effective, that you'll be able to perform them flawlessly on your next shift and turn even the most resistant and aggressive subject compliant and obedient.

If you're in law enforcement, the military, security, carry a firearm or just want to learn how to control someone who is violent and combative without the use of lethal force then this is the most important message you will ever read…

We all know that pepper spray and tasers aren't 100% effective and if legislation continues on its current path even those and all other tools of the trade will be deemed "inhumane" and outlawed leaving you with only one real option: your wits and your empty hands. And if you continue to rely on your current antiquated, outdated and dare I say useless tactics that degenerate in the street faster than you can say "see you on YOUTUBE", then you my friend will be the next cautionary tale the vets tell the rookies their first day on patrol.

The harsh reality is you need to get a subject under control BEFORE John Q. Public can pull out his cell phone and post your finest moment on Facebook (we're talking seconds here, not minutes) and what is taught as defensive tactics today just doesn't cut it.

The reason your current training doesn't stand up is because its
martial arts based

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts are not meant for combat or even real world self defense. Sure, they're technically "fighting" but at the end of the day they're sports and activities that train you to meet your opponent on a level playing field. They're bound by rules and regulations which is fine when you're training with friends but when a tweaked out meth-head stands between you going home or going to the morgue it's a whole new brutal ball game.

So while you're trying to remember how to use that wrist lock or pressure point, and struggling to get him to "tap", that drug addict is fighting back with NO RULES and NO REGARD for your life! You're sparring with him he's securing a weapon or waiting for one of his buddies to jump in and help.

Look, every day you're faced with the possibility of confronting your worst nightmare. In a blink of an eye, your next traffic stop, your next suspect interview can become a matter of life and death…YOUR life and death!

But before we continue, let me ask you some serious questions…

If you want to answer a resounding YES!!! to each and every one of these questions then you'll want to read this true story about how an old salty war vet gave birth to the most revolutionary defensive tactics program in the world…

From the Desk of: Damian Ross, CEO, The Self Defense Company

In the early 1980's my mentor was working as a cop in rural New Jersey. Even though he was new on the job, he was by no means inexperienced. Already holding two black belts and serving in the army, our hero was not your typical rookie. Then one night he got a call from dispatch that changed his life and would eventually cement the foundation of the Guardian Program.

The call was about a disturbance at a local bar where a "Biker Wedding" had gotten out of control. Apparently a rival gang had showed up to flex their muscle. Well it didn't take long for it to degenerate into an all-out brawl. He felt his adrenaline surge as he pounded the gas and responded to the call. Little did he know that nothing he ever experienced could possibly prepare him for what he was about to see.

When he arrived on scene it looked like a "B" movie fight scene. There were bikers and biker "chicks" fighting with bottles, pool cues, knives- he could barely tell who was who. He waited a few moments until back up arrived and when they thought they had enough able bodies to quell the riot…they waded into the fracas with "hats and bats".

But the arrival of the boys in blue didn't stop the fight, in minutes the small force of cops was overwhelmed and the united front degenerated into individual scuffles of cops and bikers in the bar and out in the street. For what seemed like an eternity, he was slugging it out with anyone who wasn't wearing a uniform. As time wore on, more towns showed up pouring more good guys onto the problem.

At one point during the fight he looked up and saw his shift commander in his trademark white shirt, wading into the crowd and simply knocking guys out with what looked like a little flick of his hand. He recalled the scene vividly since it seemed so out of place. His commander wasn't a big man, in fact he was close to retirement and after a hard life of non-filter camels and Pabst Blue Ribbon he wasn't exactly a physical specimen. He just saw that gangly frame with a little pot belly, just walking around picking guys off one by one.

Finally both sides got tired and the cops, beaten and bruised mopped up the mess.

After the fight my mentor was all banged up. His uniform was shredded; he didn't even know where his badge was. He was bleeding from his head, one rib was cracked and the knuckles on his hand were busted. To tell you the truth, he didn't know who was worse off, him or the bikers they were locking up.

Then he looked up and saw the shift commander who looked like and I quote "like he was fresh and clean, like he had just come out of the shower and got dressed." His shirt was still bleach white and his hair was perfect, not a scratch on him!

For a minute they both looked at each other until the salty old shift commander broke the silence and said in a gruff voice with a Camel hanging off of his bottom lip "Why the hell are you fighting these guys for?"

The term "fighting" stuck in his head. Why was he "fighting" these guys, heck why was he fighting anybody? Then the proverbial light went on in his head when he realized: He was training to fight his entire life and fighting has nothing to do with real combat, let alone police work!

As luck would have it, his shift commander was a product of Navy World V-42 Program during War II and was trained in hand to hand combat. After his training he served as a Military Policeman, That training and having decades on the force, he knew every "old school" trick of the trade. It was this experience that started the modern combatives revolution and the laid the foundation of the Guardian Defensive Tactics Program.

Combatives is NOT Martial Arts

If you haven't heard of the term combatives, it's being thrown around a lot lately and has been misapplied to a variety of programs. In short the term "combatives" refers to hand to hand combat where the object is to defeat your enemy by any means necessary, fair or foul. The main difference between martial arts and combatives is that martial arts are designed for safety. The object of all martial arts is to develop spirit and a sense of community through competitive sport and meeting personal goals. The object of martial arts is to promote the physical and emotional growth and entertainment. Martial arts is not mortal combat. Martial arts have rules and constraints based on sport or ceremony. While combatives only has one purpose, kill or capture the enemy.

Martial arts are engineered for you to face your opponent on equal ground with the purpose of a "tap out" or a safe knock out to specific areas of the body. When faced with an enemy who has no regard for the law, let alone your wellbeing, martial arts based tactics place you at an extreme disadvantage. The fact is most of what you have learned or seen regarding defensive tactics has been MARTIAL ARTS based. This fundamental conflict of interest places you at risk.

The only logical solution is a program that is aligned with your purpose, subdue, capture and if need be, apply deadly force.

The only possible answer is a combatives-based defensive tactics program

The Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives Program gives you: In addition, in the Guardian Program you will discover:
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Now you don’t have to choose between techniques that are guaranteed to get you fired and your department sued and sub-standard tactics that will get you killed. Now you can take control of any situation before it escalates out of control!

The Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives Program gives you the tactical advantage you need to survive in the street against the increasing number of violent criminals.

Note: The Guardian Program features real cops learning the Guardian Defensive Tactics Program for the first time. They're questions and concerns are REAL and UNREHEARSED!



The Hand Yoke Come Along, the Team Arrest Tactics and the Weapon Retention are incredible. We were able to implement them in the field that same day! The GDT was so effective that I became a Guardian Instructor.


Det. Ed Kane Upper Saddle River, NJ
Guardian Instructor, Self Defense Company

Police Officer Supplements Training

Police Officer Supplements Training

I have been on the job for almost 20 years, the Guardian Defensive Tactics program is the first program that anyone can use instantly. It is a must for anyone who must deal with violent criminal’s day in and day out.


Bill Thomas, NY/NJ Port Autority Police Officer

Corrections Officer Gets The Edge

Corrections Officer Gets The Edge

In my job I deal with violent and dangerous criminal every day. It is essential that I have a realistic skill set. The Guardian Defensive Tactics filled in the gaps and has enabled me to perform my job better and with more confidence. Now I know when I start a shift, I’ll finish it to see my family.


John Plavier, Passaic County Sheriffs Department

Police Sergeant Finally Gets The Tactical Training He Was Searching For

Police Sergeant Finally Gets The Tactical Training He Was Searching For

I have taken literally dozens of tactical courses through the department. All of them have something to offer, but in general they are too complicated for realistic policing. The Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives is the first tactical training that I can say with 100% certainty will help me do my job better and get home at the end of my shift. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to cut through the fluff and get right to the heart of real defensive tactics. The Hand Yoke Come Along alone was worth the price of admission!


Heath James, Sergeant, Ridgewood, NJ

EMT Discovers How To Save Himself on the Job

EMT Discovers How To Save Himself on the Job

I have to respond to some pretty rough areas. Our rigs have medical supplies and drugs on board and local criminals will almost stop at nothing to get their hands on them. The Guardian Defensive Tactics has enabled me to maintain a high level of safety. After that course I moved onto The Self Defense Training System. Combined they have given me everything I need to know about tactical self defense and more. I'm still nervous going on a call in the bad parts of town, but at least I have the skills and a plan of action to make sure I come home safely.


Mike LeSane, Emergency Medical Technician

Paramedic Is Ready to Respond Side By Side with Police

Paramedic Is Ready to Respond Side By Side with Police

We respond to some of the craziest situations, you never know what you'll come up against. At least the police have guns; we had nothing...until now. The Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives has given me the tools to face dangerous situations. I have since shared this information with my family and friends, this is something everybody needs to know about self defense, period. If you don’t have the time to take your training seriously, you need to get into another line of work. This program is essential for you if you want to stay alive.


Chris Villaroel, Paramedic